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geografias públicas Dezembro 8, 2010

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in geografias.

Um CFP para um workshop em “geografias públicas críticas” a que nao irei mas que valerá a pena acompanhar…

Critical Public Geographies

Sponsored by the Participatory Geographies Research Group
Kate Moles (WISERD, Cardiff University)
Angharad Saunders (University of Glamorgan)

Over the past few years something has been happening within geography.  Whether this something is new, or merely just a re-packaging or re-thinking of existing approaches and methods is open to question (Fuller, 2008), but it is a something that is seen as a public ‘turn’ within the discipline (Duncan, 2007; 2008).  The nature of this turn is still being worked out, contested and challenged, for instance are public and participatory geographies one and the same?  What is the relationship between ‘public’ geographies and public policy?  Is ‘public’ geography the same as creating a brand of popular geography or the discipline’s own public intellectuals (Castree, 2006; Fuller, 2008; Fuller and Askin, 2010)?
As we work through these questions, though, there is a sense that as ‘public’ geographies evolve they are beginning to offer something quite distinct and maybe even new.  They are offering conversation, interaction, engagement and participation beyond the academy.  They are recognising the limits of the academic’s knowledge and of the need for them to abdicate authority and work more collaboratively and in partnership.  Public geographies are challenging academia to be reflective, modest and, dare we say it, humble.  The result is a chipping away at the ivory towers of academia and a momentum that is taking geography, quite literally, into the street in a way that is animating, enticing and extrovert. 
These debates over the ‘what’ of public geography cannot be understated, but as ‘public’ geographies proliferate it seems timely to pose questions over the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of public geography.  Doing ‘public’ geography is far from easy, it requires us to think about what we mean by representation, authenticity, participation, practice, and the public(s).  Consequently, this session seeks to explore and develop a critical engagement with the challenges, politics and pressures of doing public geographies.  Possible questions / areas we wish to consider are: 
·         The politics of public geography – who gains, who loses, what happens when the money runs out? 
·         Why are we doing ‘public’ geography – what motivates it and how does this affect its meaning and significance.  
·         How are we doing public geography – is it leading to methodological innovations, changes, challenges? 
·         What challenges / problems arise when we seek to present / represent public geography? 
·         Who is the ‘public’ and how ‘public’ is public geography?
·         What are the limits of public engagement and participation?

Abstracts of approximately 250 words should be sent, by 31st January 2011, to:
Angharad Saunders: asaunder@glam.ac.uk
Kate Moles: molesk@cardiff.ac.uk



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