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lisboas queer do passado Dezembro 22, 2010

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in geografias das sexualidades, mestrado geografia.

 The punishment in Lisbon of those found guilty of sodomy was in some cases very public. Verdicts could range from the extreme of the death penalty to being whipped through the streets, sentenced to exile and the confiscation of property. In the case of an execution the prisoner was given over to the secular authorities and the corpse was burnt. The executions could perhaps involve burning alive as was certainly the fate of some people accused of apostasy from Christianity to Judaism. More commonly those guilty of sodomy were exiled to Brazil or to Spain, or sentenced to serve in the galleys. It has been shown that the Lisbon auto-da-fé like that in other Catholic cities, did not have an immutable fixed ceremonial but it was altered to heighten the theatricality of the procession.  The Estaus Palace of the Inquisition dominated the principal square of the lower city. The adjacent church of Dominic was used to celebrate rites in connection with reading out the sentences of those found guilty and wearing the painted vestments with the insignia of their offences. On the square by the river side stands were erected for spectators to hear sermons and watch punishments. There was also the suspense of calling upon the condemned to recant and repent.

Em outros tempos a “Lisboa Queer” era marcada pela geografia do Largo de são Domingos e a poderosa Santa Inquisição tal como a tem estudo David Higgs. (esta citação é retirada do artigo Queer space in seventeenthcentury Lisbon: centres and peripheries)

(retirado do meu caderno de campo)



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