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experiência de lugar Fevereiro 6, 2011

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in geografias, geografias das sexualidades.

While I enjoyed noting the richness and range of human environmental experience, I could not at that time find an overarching theme or concept with which to structure my heterogeneous material; and in the end I often had to resort to convenient and conventional categories (like suburb, town, and city, or the separate treatment of the human senses) rather than to categories that evolved logically out of a ruling theme. The present book is an attempt to achieve a more coherent statement. To do this I narrow my focus to the closely related “space” and “place” components of environment. More importantly, I try to develop my material from a single perspective — namely, that of experience. The complex nature of human experience, which ranges from inchoate feeling to explicit conception, commands the subject matter and themes of this book.

Space and Place -The Perspective of Experience”, Yi-Fu Tuan (2001, pp.V)



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