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teoria fraca?! Fevereiro 9, 2011

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in queer theory.

Ontem falámos delas e hoje acordei a pensar nelas. Adoro ler estas duas espantosas mulheres!

What if we believed, as Sedgwick suggests, that the goal of theory were not only to extend and deepen knowledge by confirming what we already know—that the world is full of cruelty, misery, and loss, a place of domination and systemic oppression? What if we asked theory to do something else—to help us see openings, to help us to find happiness, to provide a space of freedom and possibility? As a means of getting theory to yield something new, Sedgwick suggests reducing its reach, localizing its purview, practicing a “weak” form of theory that cannot encompass the present and shut down the future (2003, 134). Little more than description, weak theory couldn’t know that social experiments are already coopted and thus doomed to fail or to reinforce dominance; it couldn’t tell us that the world economy will be transformed by an international revolutionary movement rather than through the disorganized proliferation of local projects.
A Postcapitalist Politics, J. K. Gibson-Graham, University of Minnesota Press. Minneapolis, pp-7-8.



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