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do sul e do norte Fevereiro 12, 2011

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in geografias das sexualidades.

“What we now recognise as the sub-discipline of sexual geography largely emerged out ofthe study of predominantly white gay male (and later, lesbian) spaces in the major urbancentres of North America and north-western Europe. The range of work undertaken bygeographers of sexualities has proliferated and diversified in the last two decades – it iscertainly no longer predominantly concerned with the spatiality of lesbian and gay men’slives in cities like Amsterdam, London, and San Francisco (Puar et al. 2003). And yet,perhaps because of its origins, there is still a tendency (held by many geographers who donot position themselves as working in the field of ‘sexual geography’) to conflate the fieldof geographies of sexualities with research on homosexuality and to assume such workhas not addressed lives lived in the ‘Global South’. In this paper, we seek to challengeand rectify those assumptions – first, by critically questioning the terms ‘sexuality’ and‘Global South’; and, second, by providing an overview of a range of studies that havetheorised sexualities in and of the Global South. Throughout this discussion, we emphasisethat critical understandings of the complexities of sexualities across the Global South,cannot be transposed from the Global North. On the contrary, one of the key aims ofthis article is to create space to engage with debates from the ‘Global South’ about sexualities.Such investigations might also extend and revitalise the study of sexualities in theNorthern cities where geographers first started theorising sexual geographies.”

In “Sexualities in⁄of the Global South”, de Gavin Brown, Kath Browne, Rebecca Elmhirst e Simon Hutta (publicado em Geography Compass 4/10 (2010): 1567–1579)






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