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Experienciar a cidade… Fevereiro 19, 2011

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in geografias.

Walk down any street in any city. What can you hear, feel, smell, taste and see? Your body brushes against other bodies; a cacophony of voices echoes in your ears; your nostrils are teased by smells emanating from shops; your eyes captivated by the bright displays shining through smooth glass windows set against the rough stone of red bricks. Or maybe your body senses the emptiness of a street, perceiving the lack of fellow pedestrians; the overwhelming traffic noise; the taste of smog; the stench of the gutter; and the endless rows of identical housing. Wherever you are in the city, as soon as you move into a street you are involved in an intense sensuous encounter. The senses play a crucial role in mediating and structuring urban experience.

“Sensing Cities – Regenerating public life in Barcelona and Manchester”, Mónica Montserrat Degen, Routledge, 2008, pp.3




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