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fetishismos creativos urbanos Março 27, 2012

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in geografias.

A ‘creative class’ mania now pervades many cities and communities across the global west and beyond. Even in Shanghai, the new kid on the global city block, old warehouses on a recreated riverfront advertise ‘creativity’ in plain view of ‘old economy’ recycling centres and traditional housing quarters. These cities purportedly face a new grim and stark reality—dark and deepening global times— which hovers to batter and sear their economic fortunes. As urban prognosticator Felex Rohatyn (in Scrimger and Everett 1999) noted relatively early on at a US conference of Mayors Meeting, ‘we can not ignore [how] globalization [and new business people] has obliterated frontiers. Public officials who ignore this do so at their constituent’s peril.’ The proposed antidote is neat and tidy: more entrepreneurialism, economic tautness, and creative-civic beings and spaces. This new pragmatism posits creative subjects and spaces as needing cultivation, attraction, and pampering. The unequivocal call: find these creative people and manufacture these spaces or die.

David Wilson & Roger Keil (2008): The real creative class, Social & Cultural Geography, 9:8, 841-847



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