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pensando torcendo Abril 13, 2012

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Queer scholarship, then, in its contemporary form is anti-normative and seeks  to subvert, challenge and critique a host of taken for granted ‘stabilities’ in our  social lives. ‘Queer’ is, in Law’s (2004) terms, a way of knowing that is a ‘situated inquiry’ that relates to specific ways of knowing in particular locations. Yet queer rarely recognises its own location and how it travels. Much queer theorising originated in the global north with its particular social and historical contexts and its uncritical engagement with gendered and sexual lives in other geographical locations is not necessarily appropriate or helpful (Gorman-Murray et al. 2008, Johnston and Longhurst 2008, Liinason and Kulpa 2008, Waitt and Markwell  2006). Social science and queer intersections need to recognise the location of  both of their key defining terms and their various ways of knowing (even where they are widely and diversely used). Yet, queer travels in a variety of ways across disciplines, disciplinary fields or places. This is a significant point because although  there has been some investigation of how queer travels throughout the world, there has been little attention paid to the reworking and reconfiguring of queer even  within the space of one institution (see for example Baldo 2008, Cruz-Malavé and Manalansan 2002, Mertz 2008, Viteri 2008). As these and other writings highlight,  there is a geography to queer thinking, theorising and identification that often  leaves unrecognised the situatedness of academics from the global north who become ‘international’, transcendent and adopted, whilst those from ‘elsewhere’ are bound to their location. Acknowledging the geographies of queer thinking can  also bring into view the micro-spatialities of an academy that reflect rifts despite  the tropes of interdisciplinarity. 

“Queer Methods and Methodologies: an introduction”
Kath Browne and Catherine J. Nash



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