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desires Agosto 2, 2012

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in Uncategorized.
When we talk about an object of desire, we are really talking about a cluster of promises we want someone or something to make to us and make possible or us. This cluster of promises could be embedded in a person, a thing, an institution, a text, a norm, a bunch of cells, smells, a good idea-whatever. To phrase “the object of desire” as a cluster of promises is to allow us to encounter what is incoherent or enigmatic in our attachments, not as confirmation of our irrationality but as an explanation for our sense of our endurance in the object, insofar as proximity to the object means proximity to the cluster of things that the object promises, some of which may be clear to us while others not so much. In other words, all attachments are optimistic.
(CRUEL OPTIMISM,  Lauren Berlant)


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