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(readings) … shame… Agosto 14, 2012

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Thinking about shame over the past 15 years was not so much an intellectual choice as a survival strategy. Spending years as a butch lesbian had taught me much about different kinds of shame, as I began to consider how the homophobia I experienced daily was imbricated with other prejudices. Because of the nested quality of emotions within experience, the homosexual sensibility through which I live my adult life in Britain was instrinsically dyed with the rest of my own life-story, summarily including: my White working-class childhood in Yorkshire, my Protestant Christian (misspent) youth, and my uncomfortable and partial assimilation into the middle class as a career academic. I have found the ivory tower more of a looming prison really: pity the poor elephants. Encarta’s second meaning for tower is ‘a building designed to withstand attack’, and its fourth is ‘to be considerably superior to somebody or something’, which can be lamentably fitting for academia.

(Sally Munt, The Cultural Politics of Shame: An Introduction)





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