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(readings) … feminist ethnography… Agosto 16, 2012

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“Stacey (1988) has been similarly concerned about the exploitative potential ofethnography. From a feminist perspective favouring an egalitarian research process characterised by authenticity, reciprocity and intersubjectivity between the researcher and researched, the ethnographic method, being based on intensive participant-observation in order to yield a synthetic cultural account, would seem to be ideal. Formal and informal face-to-face interviews are often an aspect of the ethnographic approach, but what is critical is the involvement with the group studied. Stacey, however, argues that the appearance of greater respect for and equality with research subjects in the ethnographic approach may mask a deeper and more dangerous form of exploitation. Stacey, like Duncombe and Jessop, highlights the fact that the published ethnography belongs to the researcher, and is an intervention into the lives and relationships of its subjects, creating a dissonance between fieldwork practice and the ethnographic product. But prior to that, in the field the ethnographer may know things that the informants do not wish her to know, which puts her in an awkward ethical situation of potential betrayal and in authenticity towards the one who does not know that she knows.”

(Janet Holland “Emotions and Research”, Int. J. Social Research Methodology Vol. 10, No. 3, July 2007, pp. 195–209)



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