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Law, culture and Queer Politics in neoliberal times Agosto 17, 2012

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“It is the affective that connects the old and the new, and we don‘t mean nostalgia here, but the possession of a historical imagination (much like c. Wright Mills‘ ‘sociological imagination‘). Establishing this affective link between the past and the present is a way to undo the binarised nature of the hyphenated ‘pre-‘ and the ‘post-‘ that characterise most temporal posturing in history. By bringing the affective in, the old and the new get reconfigured as a tactile continuum rather than as the before and after of a material flashpoint moment. Flashpoints that get treated as harbingers of history are also history vanishing moments: “a centripetal turbulence of illumination so powerful that it may blind the past even as it spotlights the present and lights up the future.” And when critique is mounted by reading history as flashpoints, it is a truncated, blinkered history that results in a compromised and sanitised politics.”

É deste modo que começa a introdução do número especial da revista “Jindal Global Law Review”. Este dossier tem o título “new intimacies/ old desires: Law, culture and Queer Politics in neoliberal times” e problematiza, a partir de inúmeros exemplos do “sul” – especialmente da Índia mas também Argentina, Indonésia, Austrália -, algumas das inter-relações entre pós colonialismos e teoria queer. Uma leitura interessante, provocatória, e de aprendizagem que poderão acompanhar aqui.



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