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CFP: The Geographies of Intimacy Janeiro 18, 2013

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CFP: The Geographies of Intimacy
RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London, 28-30th August 2013

Convened by Alex Fanghanel (University College London) and Eleanor Wilkinson (University of Leeds).
Sponsored by the Space, Sexualities and Queer Research Group, and the Women and Geography Study Group.

This session aims to draw together the growing bodies of work on the geographies of families, friendship and intimate life.  We seek papers that examine the everyday spatialities of intimate life, the changing patterns of our intimate relationships, and the proliferation of so-called “non-traditional families”. How do these changes link to household formation, architectural design, and urban planning? However the session does not want to consign intimacy solely to the realm of the private, and we are interested in exploring how intimacy works as a regulatory construct. The session therefore seeks to highlight both the personal and political dimensions of intimate life, noting that intimate life is always a personal and public affair. We seek papers that explore how intimacy is shaped by, and helps shape, a variety of spatial scales— from the domestic, the local, the urban, the national, to the global.

Empirical and / or theoretical papers are welcomed on any theme which deepens our understanding of the geographic dimensions of intimate life; some possible topics may include, but are in no way limited to the following:

*   Intimacy / citizenship / migration / borders
*   Changing patterns of household formation (e.g- LATs, LTAs and those living alone)
*   Intimacy and architecture
*   Intimacy and urban change
*   Intimacy / governance / biopolitics
*   The legal geographies of intimate life
*   Families
*   Friendship
*   Queer intimacies
*   Utopian intimacies (communal living / alternative communities)
*   Consumption and intimacy
*   Intimacy and technology
*   Intimacy in spaces of work
*   Clandestine intimacies

Please send your name, affiliation details, and email address along with your abstract of no more than 250 words to Alex Fanghanel a.fanghanel@lucl.ac.uk<mailto:a.fanghanel@lucl.ac.uk> and Eleanor Wilkinson e.k.wilkinson@leeds.ac.uk<mailto:e.k.wilkinson@leeds.ac.uk>
Deadline for submission is 8th February 2013.



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