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Intersectional Anxieties Março 1, 2013

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Intersectional Anxieties

A spring reading weekend sponsored by the Space, Sexualities and Queer Research Group (with several bursaries supported by the Women and Geography Study Group)
10th-12th May, 2013
Mama Weirdigans, The Birchcliffe Centre, Hebden Bridge


The Space, Sexualities and Queer Research Group invites you to participate in our Spring Reading Weekend which will take place on the 10th-12th May 2013 in Hebden Bridge at Mama Weirdigans, The Birchcliffe Centre. Please note that the event starts at 3pm on the Friday to enable people to travel off-peak.

This reading weekend will be a great opportunity to discuss issues of space, sexuality, intimacy and gender outside of the confines of the academic conference. We¹ll be reading a range of interdisciplinary texts (from geography, feminist theory, legal studies and sociology). Alongside the readings there¹ll also be time to socialise, meet other scholars working in similar fields,  plenty of time for reading and reflection and free time to explore Hebden Bridge and its surroundings.

The event is open to all who have an interest in the spatialities of sexuality and gender. Postgraduate and early-career researchers are particularly welcome.

Cost (to include accommodation and food):

Waged: £110
Postgraduates or unwaged: £55

Thanks to sponsorship from the RGS-IBG we are able to offer a limited number of travel bursaries for postgraduate students and low-waged participants. Depending on the number of applications we receive we may also be able offer partial fee waivers for a limited number of people.  There is also some bursary money specifically  to support participation of WGSG postgrad/unwaged members in the event.

The weekend will have 4 thematic sessions.

–      Feminist and queer geographies
–      Homonationalism
–      Sexualities and religion
–      Troubling Intersectionality

Readings will include articles and excerpts from readings by Michael Brown, Janet Halley, Larry Knop, Jasbir Puar, Carl Stychin, Robyn Wiegman and Melissa Wright.

All readings will be sent electronically to participants. We will endeavour to arrange for paper copies to be sent to those who do not have access to free printing.

We will also be running a session on academic careers and development, which will be a participatory workshop aimed at postgraduate students and early career researchers.

To register, please visit
http://store.leeds.ac.uk/browse/extra_info.asp?compid=1&modid=2&prodid=310&deptid=9&catid=47 and compete the online payment form.
Please note there are limited spaces available and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To apply for a bursary then please fill in the attached form and email it to r.vanderbeck@leeds.ac.uk by Friday March 29 2013.

Full details of the readings and schedule will be advertised shortly. If
you have any further questions about the event then please email



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