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On Studying Ourselves and Others Maio 11, 2013

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in ethnography, teoria social.


Just a good and teasing reading on this special number of the journal “liminalities” with the subject of “On Studying Ourselves and Others”. As Tony E. Adams & Stacy Holman Jones (editors of this issue) write:” Being certain kinds of people and choosing, claiming, affirming, bestowing, rejecting, and denying identities are acts of communication that help us understand, evaluate, and critique others. Being certain kinds of people is work—work that relies  on and emerges through embodied acts of communication—acts that take up, put on,  and push against compulsory and citational performances about what it means to be a particular kind of person, even as these acts differ across time, space, and culture (Butler, Gender Trouble; Mingé and Zimmerman; Yoshino). (…) Performing the work—of identities and communities—is work that we must do, question, and transform as scholars, specifically in our endeavors as ethnographers and autoethnographers. While ethnographic research has long included identity as a primary focus, how such research has occurred has been a topic of concern and debate (Denzin, Lincoln, and Smith; Madison). How do we study others and how do we study ourselves, asking the questions above and then waiting for and articulating— and not ignoring or exempting ourselves from—the replies? How do we become— how do we write and embody—the kinds of people we want and need to be in our  research for ourselves and for others? In our lives and worlds? How do we become  “answerable” in our words and our actions, and how is our work both responsible to and liable for the meanings it creates? (Fenske, 12)”



On Studying Ourselves and Others
edited by Tony E. Adams & Stacy Holman Jones

(editors’ introduction)

Performing Identity, Critical Reflexivity, and Community: The Hopeful Work of Studying Ourselves and Others 
Tony E. Adams & Stacy Holman Jones


(I)dentities: Considering Accountability, Reflexivity, and Intersectionality in the I and the We
Bernadette Marie Calafell

Seeking Care: Mindfulness, Reflexive Struggle, and Puffy Selves in Bullying
Keith Berry

Once Upon a Time: Looking to the Ecstatic Past for Queer Futurity
Julie Cosenza

Notes from a Pretty Straight Girl: Questioning Identities in the Field
Sandra L. Faulkner

Finding “Home” in/through Latinidad Ethnography: Experiencing Community in the Field with “My People”
Wilfredo Alvarez

Collaborative Intersectionality: Negotiating Identity, Liminal Spaces, and Ethnographic Research
Brielle Plump & Patricia Geist-Martin

Blackgirl Blogs, Auto/ethnography, and Crunk Feminism
Robin M. Boylorn

Listening for Echoes: Hypertext, Performativity, and Online Narratives of Grief
Kurt Lindemannn



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