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… as jaulas… Maio 16, 2013

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in activismo.


Sobre a crise, o neoliberalismo, a experimentação, social e política, dos tempos que correm valerá a pena ler este pequeno opúsculo de George Caffentzis. Tem o provocador e instigante título de “Can we free each other from Capital’s Cages? A report from Greece and the Crisis” e está disponivel aqui.

“Indeed, if we want to see what can actually undermine the  structural adjusters, we should listen to their worst fears—a  debtors’ cartel. Debt repayment depends upon isolating and making the debtor feel both morally ashamed and practically vulnerable. Once the debtors are united, however, they can “turn the tables” on the creditors and liberate themselves. We  can see why debtors’ solidarity is a path to liberation, because  debt is not simply a way for a creditor to get rich, but in the world of contemporary capitalism, it is a way of controlling individuals’, societies’ and governments’ behavior. The whole desire of getting out of debt is not simply to have more disposable  income, but to liberate yourself from the control of creditors!” (pp.18)

“There is a tradition in the philosophy of science that sees the experiment not as an objective vehicle to test theories,  but as a way of “torturing” Nature (and Society). Or, to use Francis Bacon’s metaphor, to produce results desired by the experimenter. In a development of this conception, Giambatista Vico noted (in a rather anti-Cartesian moment), that “We only know what we make.” So too are we witnessing a Great Experiment in the making of a new neoliberal humanity through the crisis. Will the neoliberal model of what it is to be a human being become definitive for the next fifty years?” (pp.19)




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