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felizes (!?) Maio 23, 2013

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in queer theory, sexualidades e géneros.

Gay Shopping Cart Kiss

If you are homosexual, there’s a lot to keep you husy these days. It can he hard to keep up with the ever-expanding menu of rights, privileges, and lifestyle options heing made available. These new opportunities include not only the right to enjoy legal sodomy in the comfort of your own home and to he protected from discrimination on the job hut also widening access to niche goods and services: leshian cruises, gay cake toppers, queer prime time. Apart from all the A-list entertainment, there are also weddings and commitment ceremonies to plan. Being in the life has never looked so good or cost so much.

Compulsory Happiness and Queer Existence” por Heather Love


a leitura deste pedaço de um ensaio de Heather Love,  que parte da sociedade norte-americana e das suas contradições, mas alerta para tendência generalizada de uma procura “forçada” por uma felicidade permanente nos quotidianos queer.





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