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… friendship… Junho 20, 2013

Posted by paulo jorge vieira in Citações, teoria social.
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Love and friendship are undoubtedly centrally important in our lives. We devote ourselves to our friends and beloveds, investing much time, money, and energy—emotional and otherwise—in them. Yet these common observations can lead us to ask: why should love and friendship have this sort of central importance in our lives? One common answer is that we do this because love and friendship make our lives much better and richer, and because being a lover, beloved,¹ and a friend can help us become better persons insofar as we thereby strive to be better because of that love and friendship. However, understanding this answer more fully and being able to evaluate it requires understanding what exactly love and friendship are, how our lives as persons are different because of them, and whether this difference is somehow central to our being persons at all or whether it is an optional good, like icing on a cake.

“Love, Friendship, and the Self Intimacy, Identification, and the Social Nature of Persons” by Bennett W. Helm (Oxford University Press, 2009, pp.1)



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