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dilemmas Dezembro 4, 2013

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Dilemmas of this kind are the stuff of academic labor: each day we negotiate them, whether in routine, microlevel decisions about our interactions with others, or in more major ways that may have a decisive bearing on the lives of those within or beyond the academy. Consequently, feminist engagements with the academy change those who labor in this way as much as their labor changes the production and re­lations of knowledge . Indeed, feminism within and beyond the academy has been as much about finding new ways of being women (and men) as about changing the conditions within which lives are led. In other words, the subject of feminism is nei­ther external to, nor identical with, the student of feminism. Rather, feminism has always entailed questioning its subject in multiple ways.


Liz Bondi, (introduction to “Subjectivities, knowledges, and feminist geographies: the subjects and ethics of social research”



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