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(CFP) Diverse temporalities: everyday practices challenging hegemonic lifetimes Janeiro 7, 2014

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“Diverse temporalities: everyday practices challenging hegemonic lifetimes”


(Sponsored session by the Space, Sexualities and Queer Research Group)

Call for papers: RGS-IBG Annual Conference, London 26-29 August 2014

Convened by Cesare Di Feliciantonio (Sapienza- University of Rome and KU Leuven), Valerie De Craene (KU Leuven) and Maarten Loopmans (KU Leuven)

In recent years, literature has shown how queer subjects in metropolitan areas resist and challenge normal and natural expected temporalities in various ways, giving birth to counter-cultures and to alternative forms of communitarian living (e. g. Halberstam, 2003, 2005). In doing so, they challenge the ethically foundational idea of “working hard now” to be rewarded in the future, based on the role of personal responsibility in order to have a regular and sane life-cycle, these having become main societal assumptions under neoliberalism. Despite more and more people failing to follow this path (e. g. young people unemployed or who cannot afford to have children, people losing job before pension, etc) under the current conditions of crisis and cuts to welfare systems, competition and personal responsibility remain central in the hegemonic narratives on being realized and building your future. However challenges to this hegemonic order on temporalities can arise not just from queer subjects who opt for living at the margins of society, but also from subjects following, at a first look, hetero/homonormative life paths.

This session aims at unveiling how diverse subjects (e. g. queers, sex workers, trans people, people practicing bareback sex, non monogamous couples, polyamourous unions) challenge hegemonic temporalities in diverse contexts through a variety of practices and strategies, thus going beyond the still prominent bias in favor of cities and urban contexts inside the literature on queer lives and spaces (e. g. Brown, 2008). In this respect space and place can be crucial: how do space and place shape these strategies and initiatives, containing and repressing them or favoring their proliferation?

Empirical and/or theoretical papers are welcomed on any theme which deepens the plural understanding of the (spatial, ordinary and everyday) dimensions of the diverse challenges to hegemonic temporalities carried on by singles, collectives or larger communities. Possibly interesting topics include:

– alternative narratives of sane  and natural lifecycles;

– the spatial and everyday dimensions of the challenge to hegemonic temporalities;

– HIV/AIDS, drug use, disease and hopeless perspectives on the future;

– queer, trans and sex workers’ challenge to the ideas of future and seniority;

– non-heteronormative heterosexual behaviors challenging heteronormative temporalities in diverse contexts;

–  non-homonormative homosexual behaviors challenging homonormative temporalities in diverse contexts;

– alternative forms of communitarian living, affect and desire and how they (re)shape life temporalities.

If you are interested in participating please submit a 250 word abstract to Cesare Di Feliciantonio (cesare.difeliciantonio@uniroma1.it) and Valerie De Craene (valerie.decraene@ees.kuleuven.be) by 7th February 2014.

Expected format: 20-minute papers (including 5-minutes each for Q&A), and panel discussant


Brown, G. (2008) Urban (Homo)Sexualities: Ordinary Cities and Ordinary Sexualities, Geography Compass, 2(4), pp. 1215-1231

Halberstam, J. (2003) What’s that smell? Queer temporalities and subcultural lives, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 6(3), pp. 313-333

Halberstam, J. (2005) In a Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives, New York: NYU Press



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