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(cfp) Geographies of Islamophobia Janeiro 19, 2015

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Geographies of Islamophobia


Call for papers for the RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Exeter, 2-4 September 2015
Sponsored by the Geographies of Justice Research Group
This session focuses on geographies of Islamophobia and the complex ways that people who are perceived to be of Muslim faith experience marginalisation, exclusion and discrimination in specific places and at different times. We are interested in exploring the spatial patterning of Islamophobia, its relation to different spaces and times (including its relationship to the discipline of geography), its use in both policy-relevant and theoretical research, and the varying ways in which it is experienced, encountered and resisted by different social groups.
We welcome a diversity of theoretical, conceptual and empirical papers on any aspect of geographies of Islamophobia and we particularly encourage papers that explore some of the following themes:
  • Islamophobia, social (in)justice and institutional discrimination (e.g. in schools, colleges, universities, prisons or other institutional contexts)
  • Rural, suburban and inner city experiences of Islamophobia
  • Islamophobia and the academic discipline of human geography
  • The interplay between Islamophobia and the racialization of religion
  • The gendering, sexualisation and racialization of Islamophobia
  • Geopolitics and/of Islamophobia
Organisers: Peter Hopkins and Katherine Botterill, Newcastle University, England, UK
Those interested in presenting a paper in this session are asked to send a title and short abstract to Peter Hopkins (peter.hopkins@ncl.ac.uk) by Monday 9th February 2015.


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