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Writing, vulnerability and shame Fevereiro 15, 2015

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(e de repente! uma boa leitura)

When it comes to writing we all have different vulnerabilities, have different things at stake. Much of this come from our backgrounds, our social positions and our ‘identities’. Here the intersection of factors such as ‘class’, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity, culture to name a few things that are intimately intertwined with what we can refer to as symbolic and structural violence. Our positionally or socially situatedness may bring with it experiences of trauma, powerlessness, discrimination, anxiety.

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Most kinds of writing or general forms of public ‘communication’ (audio recording, film, blogs, tweets etc) involve a kind of vulnerability. Perhaps it might be better to say that all forms of public communication involve vulnerability to the extent that we are putting something out into the world that is open to criticism. But what I am talking about mainly here is ‘writing’, and I guess this is reflexive in that I am talking about the writing I am doing now, and also the conventions, expectations, and even ‘performances’ that come with that writing.

But first something about ‘academic’ writing. Ervin Goffman’s thinking on what he called ‘dramaturgy’, and ‘impression management’ can be well-applied to writing, but especially academic writing. Academic writing is so determined by conventions – ideas about how an argument should be developed/structured, the layout and format of the material etc. If you write with the hope…

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