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Fuck Fashion! Fevereiro 26, 2015

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Fuck Fashion!

This year, New York Fashion Week saw an interesting addition that no one was expecting. Introducing BCALLA F/W 2015. Warning this post is certainly NSFW.

BCALLA FW 2015 | Image Cocky Boys and BCALLA

Brad Callahan is a self-proclaimed queer designer who lives in Brooklyn, NY. His fashion borders on fetishism and blends sexually charged designs with the futuristic underground scene. His work has been donned by some of the worlds top celebrities including Azealia Banks and none other than Lady Gaga.

His label BCALLA is one that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries between sexuality and fashion. “I think to be queer is to fight; the very first collection I designed was about fashionable street warriors and I think that vibe is really prevalent in my work,” is how he describes his queer label.

So it is no surprise, that for NYFW, the boat had to be pushed slightly further. And who better to collaborate with than adult entertainment company Cocky Boys. 

Cocky Boys in their own right describe their work as a blend of “porn and art.”  And if this collaboration is anything to go by, they have done just that. With a 1990s “cartoon vibe,” with vibrant colours and the donning of haute couture, backed with trips music, their video for BCALLA is the ultimate blend of fashion, sex and queer.

The collection is describe by Cocky Boys as

Last night we premiered the short film COLBY DOES NY. Not only is this part of Colby Keller’s epic erotic series “Colby Does America,” but it’s so much more. This is also the preview of iconic homo designer, Brad Callahan’s, BCALLA 2015 Fall Winter Collection. Brad has been called a fashion maverick, and has dressed superstars and punks alike, including Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga.

While BCALLA says

Brooklyn nightlife is the glue and sweat that holds the BCALLA FW15 collection together. A familiar venue for BCALLA, the electric sandbox with no rules and no gender embraces the pop sexuality of a media-frenzied and porn-infused underground. This season’s video presentation is a collaboration with Colby Keller and CockyBoys

It may not be to everyones taste, but as BCALLA himself says “bad taste is the best taste.”

Check out the short film “Colby Does NY” here (Very NSFW).

Shop BCALLA here, and download the FW 2015 brochure here

Below is a sneak peak of some of the BCALLA FW 2015 Collection in collaboration with Cocky Boys. All images are copyright of their respective owners, and where known the copyright is given. 

BCALLA FW 2015 Collection | Image: BCALLA/Cocky Boys

Brad Callahan and Jake Jackson at BCALLA FW 2015 NYFW Launch Party | Image: Cocky Boys

BCALLA FW 2015 Launch Party at NYFW | Image: Cocky Boys

BCALLA FW 2015 Collection | Image: BCALLA/Cocky Boys

BCALLA FW 2015 Collection | Image: BCALLA/Cocky Boys



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