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In/Visibility, Bisexuality, and Disability Maio 24, 2015

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Perceptions of Bisexuality


I found “We Exist: Intersectional In/Visibility in Bisexuality & Disability” by K. Caldwell a while before starting this blog, and when we read “Why the Intersex Shouldn’t be Fixed” by Sumi Colligan from Gendering Disability in class, I thought I might find some similarities between the two pieces. Although I ended up finding much less overlap in the articles than I expected, it was such an engaging read because Caldwell makes some excellent points.

First the idea of “in/visibility” in the title refers to how for both bisexuality and disabilities there’s an invisibility (lack of recognition, erasure in the case of bisexuality, etc.) but also a hypervisibility of negative stereotypes.

Caldwell proposes that since disability and bisexuality are both “rendered invisible by paternalistic environments where individual and political identities are defined by oppositional binaries” then disability studies could provide a “non-normative discursive space” in which to address some…

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