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Bourdieu – Education Julho 1, 2015

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Bourdieu tem sido nos últimos meses uma presença mais ou menos certa em alguma reflexão que vou fazendo sobre o espectro político e activista em que circulo. Este texto lança boas pistas sobre isso!


How useful are Bourdieu’s concepts, such as habitus, capitals and field when studying the lives of people today? What weakness are there in these concepts when compared to other theories we have encountered on the module?

This essay will examine the usefulness of Bourdieu’s concepts of habitus, capitals; field and symbolic violence in contemporary society, while evaluating the concepts in comparison to Foucault’s theory on power. Bourdieu recognises new power-relations are created culturally and symbolically, with constant re-legitimising through agency and structure (Jenkins 1992:90), the internalisation of the social order in the human body and mind (Jenkins 1992:79). Bourdieu’s concept of capital takes others forms than economic capital such as symbolic; social and cultural capital, which are produced and reproduced by individuals and society’s structure over time (Jenkins 1992 90; 91), through the concepts of habitus and field, enabling non-economic forms of domination and hierarchy to take place within society…

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