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(cfp) Masculinities, sexualities and place: exploring contested intersections Setembro 24, 2015

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Masculinities, sexualities and place: exploring contested intersections

AAG Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA, March 29 – April 2, 2016

Carl Bonner-Thompson and Peter Hopkins

School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, Newcastle University, UK

Gender and sexualities scholarship has highlighted that masculinities and sexualities are not mutually exclusive, and instead inform the performance, construction and understanding of one another (Butler, 1990; Connell, 1995). This complex interrelationship is inherently spatial, with the production of masculine and sexualised subjectivities shifting across space (and time) (Berg and Longhurst, 2003; Gorman-Murray and Hopkins, 2014). Geographers have developed a sophisticated understanding of both masculinities and sexualities, however, the intersections between them remaining relatively underexplored and ‘unmapped’ (notable exceptions include Brown et al, 2014; Gibson, 2013; Gorman-Murray, 2013; Lewis, 2014). Exploring intersections of masculinities with gay, bisexual, trans, queer and heterosexual subjectivities and embodiments may offer useful ways forward in terms of appreciating the ways alternative masculine subjectivities can be co-produced, and how they may enable a reworking of gendered and sexualised hierarchies.

In this session, we provide a forum to explore debates around the geographies of masculinities and sexualities, including the multiple and ever-changing ways they intersect. Thinking through the spatial productions of gendered and sexualised subjectivities, we are interested in papers that draw attention to processes of embodiment, materiality, desire and normativity. We invite papers from any field of human geography (and beyond), in particular those that draw upon geographies of sexualities and feminist and queer geographies. Papers could explore – but are by no means limited to – the following themes:

  • Queering masculinities
  • Effeminacy/effeminophobia and men
  • Body shape/size
  • Emotional geographies, masculinities and sexualities
  • Masculinities and sexualities across online dating and hook-ups apps
  • Critical engagement with processes of gendered homonormativity
  • Intersections of desire, sexuality and gender
  • Masculinities and non-heterosexual night time economies
  • Masculinities and heterosexuality
  • Intersections of ethnicity, race, class, sexualities and masculinities
  • Hegemonic masculinities and sexualities
  • Homophobia, lgbtq violence and masculinities
  • Trans geographies and masculinities
  • Methodological challenges when researching masculinities and sexualities
  • Masculinities and sexualities research from, in and of the Global South

Please submit a title and abstract of not more than 250 words to c.a.b.thompson@ncl.ac.uk by 15th October 2015.



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