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Exploring Space: Heterotopias, The Cinema and a Time Geography Experiment Outubro 6, 2015

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em torno das heterotopias

Madeleine Burkitt

Despite the title of this post, I’m not about to delve in to anything astronomy-themed! Although, if you want to nerd-out on some cool space stuff, i’ve written about it here. What I am going to do is briefly examine a few different ideas about space, the on-earth kind. I’ll be asking: What is a heteroptopia? Are these spaces shaped by design and technology? Do spaces have politics? Lastly, I’ll report back on a little time geography experiment I conducted that Hagerstrand would be proud of.

What is a Heterotopia?

This curly one was coined by none other than Foucault in the 1960’s. Wrap your head around this:

“Heterotopia, literally meaning ‘other places’, is a rich concept in urban design that describes a world off-center with respect to normal or everyday spaces, one that possesses multiple, fragmented, or even incompatible meanings.” Source: Dehaene and De Couter (2008)


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