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(cfp) International Colloquium in Geohumanities: “Closing Circles, Open Horizons” Março 8, 2016

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International Colloquium in Geohumanities

“Closing Circles, Open Horizons”

Barcelona, October 19th-22nd


We invite postgraduate researchers, academics, activists, artists, and practitioners from across disciplines to contribute to the International Colloquium in Geohumanities, a three-day conference organized by the Association of Spanish Geographers, and the Catalan Geographic Society. We accept contributions in English and Spanish.

We invite to present papers from any of the wide aspects that could include the geohumanities . As a matter of orientation we suggest here a series of general topics that could include all kind of interpretations and a great diversity of interdisciplinary approaches.
Art and Cartography: Different forms of representation of spaces and places, form the use of the cartography to the visual arts and the their interactions.

Geography, creativity, experimentation and innovation: Creativity and experimentation forms linked to the uses, interpretations and emotions of anything geographic.  Spatial elements of the new forms of information acquisition and the new geographies derived of the Big Data.

History, Memory; Geographical aspects of the interpretation of the past and the construction of collective and individual memories.

Gender, bodies and sexualities: Realities, implications and agencies of the subject in the construction of spaces from the gender and sexuality perspective.

Geography, Media, and Social Networks: New forms of representation, dissemination and communication of geographical knowledge and its space-time relations.

Landscape, architecture: Different ways of reading, and understanding, environments, and geographic and non-geographic spaces. Cultural and phenomenological approaches to the analysis of landscapes.

Nature, Environment and Humanities: Different approaches to analyse the relationship among individuals, societies, and the natural environment.


For further information please check de colloquium website or contact geohumanidades@upf.edu



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