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IJURR 1977-2017: The 40th Anniversary Virtual Issue Junho 1, 2017

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Aqui fica um número especial da revista International Journal of Urban and Regional Research que comemora 40 anos em 2017. Um numero acessivel que começa com um texto de David Harvey de 1978 e que publica um interessante conjunto de textos.


Celebrating 40 years of critical urban research
IJURR 1977-2017: The 40th Anniversary Virtual Issue
Celebrating 40 years of critical urban research
For this 40th anniversary virtual issue we invited all of the previous Editors to choose a small number of papers that they felt were of particular significance during their time of working with the journal. Each of the former Editors who participated in the compilation of this 40th anniversary virtual issue has provided a brief commentary next to their selections.
Read the introduction, commentaries and articles on www.ijurr.org
Explore the virtual issue, full introduction and commentaries
The Urban Process under Capitalism: A Framework for Analysis
David Harvey (1978)

World City Formation: An Agenda for Research and Action
John Friedmann and Goetz Wolff (1982)

Postfordism in Question
Andrew Sayer (1989)

Neo‐Marshallian Nodes in Global Networks
Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift (1992)

The Cultural Economy of Cities
A.J Scott (1997)

Symbolic Use of Globalization in Urban Politics in Tokyo
Takashi Machimura (1998)

Democratization and Politics in South African Townships
Janet Cherry, Kris Jones and Jeremy Seekings (2000)

Place in Product
Harvey Molotch (2002)

The Transnational Capitalist Class and Contemporary Architecture in Globalizing Cities
Leslie Sklair (2005)

Struggling with the Creative Class
Jamie Peck (2005)

The Market as the New Emperor
Anne Haila (2007)

Municipal Neoliberalism and Municipal Socialism: Urban Political Economy in Latin America
Benjamin Goldfrank and Andrew Schrank (2009)

Slumdog Cities: Rethinking Subaltern Urbanism
Ananya Roy (2011)

Lagos, Koolhaas and Partisan Politics in Nigeria
Laurent Fourchard (2011)

Gentrifying the State, Gentrifying Participation: Elite Governance Programs in Delhi
D. Asher Ghertner (2011)

Technifying Public Space and Publicizing Infra-structures: Exploring New Urban Political Ecologies through the Square of General Vara del Rey
Fernando DomÍnguez Rubio and Uriel Fogué (2013)

How did Finance Capital Infiltrate the World of the Urban Poor? Homeownership and  Social Fragmentation in a Spanish Neighborhood
Jaime Palomera (2014)

Absolute Traffic: Infrastructural Aptitude in Urban Indonesia
Doreen Lee (2015)

Reconstituting the Possible: Lefebvre, Utopia and the Urban Question
David Pinder (2015)

‘Eco’ For Whom? Envisioning Eco-urbanism in the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, China
Federico Caprotti, Cecilia Springer and Nichola Harmer (2015)

Assembling and Spilling-Over: Towards an ‘Ethnography of Cement’ in a Palestinian Refugee Camp
Nasser Abourahme (2015)

Rethinking Urban Epidemiology: Natures, Networks and Materialities
Meike Wolf (2016)

Reappearance of the Public: Placemaking, Minoritization and Resistance in Detroit
Alesia Montgomery (2016)

Toward the Networked City? Translating Technological ideals and Planning Models in Water and Sanitation Systems in Dar es Salaam
Jochen Monstadt and Sophie Schramm (2017)

Informal Housing in the United States

Noah J. Durst and Jake Wegmann (2017)

Download the Virtual Issue
IJURR Volume 1 Virtual Issue (1977)
IJURR Volume 1 Virtual Issue (1977)
As part of the IJURR 40th Anniversary celebrations, we have also brought together the first volume of IJURR from 1977, as a Virtual Issue, introduced by the founding editor, Michael Harloe.

This Virtual Issue is free to view for one year

Download the Virtual Issue
Collage compiled from images in the public realm. We thank the Riley Foundation for permission to reproduce Michael Harloe – Vice Chancellor, Salford by Harold F. Riley, 2009, Oil on Canvas (© The Riley Archive, WB261. All Rights Reserved)