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The geographies of LGBT+ rights: how do they vary, where and why, in law and politics? Agosto 16, 2018

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Um interessante texto de abertura de uma reflexão geopolítica das questões LGBTI. Nos dias que vivemos parte desta reflexão é bastante provocante.

By Alex Cuthbert

Global attitudes towards the LGBT+ community vary widely. In some countries, employment protections, joint adoption, gay marriage and social acceptance are widespread. In others, socially conservative attitudes prevail, in legal, social and political contexts. In this blog post, I will explore how these variations occur, and the impacts of this on the global LGBT+ community. I aim to broadly analyse some of the major global trends in political attitudes towards LGBT+ rights, with a particular focus on laws around homosexuality and gay marriage, where the greatest developments have been made. I aim to answer the question through analysing nations and their political attitudes towards LGBT+ rights, as well as global patterns and individual examples (Ayoub, 2015). Historically homophobic laws have also existed in western countriesand certainly homophobic attitudes are not confined to the past (Bell, 1995). Homosexuality was illegal in England and Wales until 1967, and until the early 80’s in Scotland…

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